Best Health Joins Forces with Canadian Dermatology Association for First Melanoma Monday on May 7th, 2012.

May 23, 2012 — Since its launch more than four years ago, Best Health magazine has been raising awareness about sun safety among Canadians. The brand recently joined forces with the Canadian Dermatology Association for its first Melanoma Monday on May 7. At the event in Ottawa on Parliament Hill, Best Health Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Munday met with attendees including several Members of Parliament. Four hundred copies of the May issue were distributed, which includes an article by the President of the CDA, Dr. Denise Wexler.

“Skin cancer can kill, and we are passionate about the importance of sun safety,” says Bonnie.

Best Health has also been a vocal advocate for banning tanning beds across Canada for under-18s, since youths are particularly vulnerable to skin cancer. Over the last four years, Best Health has published “call to action” articles and updated readers about the progress on this issue. Recently the World Health Organization has put indoor tanning in its highest cancer-risk category along with substances like tobacco, arsenic and plutonium.

“The good news is that legislation to ban tanning beds for teens is now finally in progress and may become law in Canada within the next year,” Bonnie says.

Read Dr. Wexler’s article from the May issue of Best Health here.


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