Reader’s Digest & Best Health Deliver ROI with GfK MRI StarchMetrix



We believe in the power of our readers and the performance our publications—now with GfK MRI StarchMetrix you will see why.

One year ago, Starch Research Services Limited announced the launch of GfK MRI StarchMetrix, a syndicated survey service that provides return-on-investment metrics for ads appearing in Canadian consumer magazines. Reader’s Digest, Best Health and media agencies MediaCom and Mindshare are the first and to this date, the only Canadian subscribers to GfK MRI StarchMetrix.

Each month, GfK MRI StarchMetrix measures the readership and effectiveness of all national ads (one-third page or larger) in almost all issues of 15 major English-language magazines in Canada. As subscribers to the study, 100% of the qualifying ads and advertorials in every issue of Reader’s Digest and Best Health are measured, whereas only 75% of the issues are measured for non-subscribing publications.

Reader’s Digest and Best Health magazines can offer clients ROI metrics based on GfK MRI StarchMetrix measurements of Ad is Seen & Read, Actions Taken as a result of seeing a print ad, including visited the advertiser’s website, recommended the advertised product/service, purchased the advertised product/service and many more.

GfK MRI StarchMetrix measures the key elements that contribute to We’ve got the best Astelin prices on the modern market. You can buy your Astelin for 31.4 USD with us now! each phase of the consumer decision-making process (brand awareness, brand association, brand favourability and purchase consideration). Since data is collected weekly and reported monthly, GfK MRI StarchMetrix is an invaluable tool for tracking a brand’s performance over time.

What Can Advertisers/Agencies Expect from Reader’s Digest & Best Health?

  • Monthly measurement and reporting for all national ads (1/3-Page or larger) in Reader’s Digest and Best Health
  • Ad performance relative to issue-specific norms and category norms across all publications
  • ROI measurement

Other measurement opportunities where possible:

  • Ad performance comparisons with competitor magazines
  • Longitudinal tracking of brand disposition / familiarity over the course of the brand campaign
  • Custom proprietary questions within the monthly syndicated survey (additional fee)


Connect with your Reader’s Digest / Best Health Account Manager to learn more about how to take advantage of the complimentary GfK MRI StarchMetrix data.

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