Trusted Brands

Our Trusted Brands 2013 results are in!
Our 2013 winners have been determined, and once again, Canadians have voted for their Trusted Brands across 36 categories.

NEW: Most Trusted Brands voted by Canadian Families
New in 2013, we have examined what brands this influential group trusts most.
Why? Canadian families consume more products. They seek information about products that will improve or enhance their daily living; they reach out to their networks of friends, families and social media to ask for and share product reviews. They care about the health and safety of their members. Trust matters.

Did you know? Canadian families contribute to:

  • 40% of total weekly grocery expenditure*
  • 40% of total home improvement expenditure in the past 2 years*
  • 38% of the monthly face & body skincare expenditure*

Why Reader’s Digest for families? #1 Reach

  • Read by 1.9 million Canadian families every month —20.4% reach*
  • Read by 1.1 million families with 2+ kids<18—20.8% reach*

Reader’s Digest, an ambassador for the importance of trust, first launched the ‘Trusted Brands’ survey in Asia in 2000. It has since grown into a Global initiative playing an important role in 31 countries worldwide where it is used to gauge consumer attitudes and opinions related to products and services and to recognize the most trusted brands.

We will be presenting the 2013 Trusted Brands Awards to all of the winners in the next few weeks!


Source: *PMB Fall 2012


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™Trusted Brand is a registered trademark of Reader’s Digest Association Canada ULC